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About US

Industrial property rights have gradually risen in importance in line with the developing industry in our country and they are still continuing to enhance their prominence. Accordingly, those who are interested or involved in industrial property rights need to know their rights concerning the actions of trademark representatives/agencies or firms and co-operate with the trustable consultancy firms which have expert staff of valuable experience to preserve those rights. Dönüşüm Patent, as a consequence of this need, was established by the experienced expert consultants to provide consultancy and trademark agency services.

Our prior aim as Dönüşüm Patent is always to protect the sense of confidence of our clients, who encouraged us to found our firm and similarly to evoke the same sense of confidence and establish long-lasting relations with our future clients.

It is our basic principle to guide the companies with which we work to the right actions pursuant to Decree Law, which regulates the industrial property rights and at the same time acquaint them with the effective regulations.

Our consultant staff consists of counselors, technical experts and guidance counselors, who inform the advisees of technical and/or professional issues/procedures and enables them to determine their decisions.

We believe that there cannot be expertise in every field. We also know that this means no expertise is possible in any field in fact. We provide consultancy services on industrial property services. In addition to this, to be able to respond to the other related needs of our clients, we are co-working with different long-established firms. Dönüşüm Patent, accordingly, assists the clients in advertising agency services and informative implementations as well.